Coi Leray Kicks Fan Off Stage For Touching Her While Giving Him A Lap Dance

Coi Leray kicked a male fan offstage after her touched her during her weekend performance in Las Vegas. The “Twinnem” artist was performing one of her dance routines and brought a lucky male fan onstage. Wearing short booty shorts, she started giving the fan a lap dance, which he (and the crowd) seemed to be enjoying. However, after straddling him and standing up, the man appeared to touch her backside, prompting her to slap his hand away, saying “get the f*** outta here” and kicking him offstage before replacing him with another audience member. While the second man kept his hands to himself, social media users were quick to point out that he had a hole in his jeans in the crotch area that was visible to the audience. she was met with mixed reactions with many saying the original audience member didn’t do anything unexpected given the nature of the dance with others siding with Coi saying that even at strip clubs, it is not acceptable to touch a dancer when they’re giving a lap dance unless they say it’s okay.


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