Cello and Zach Castro’s New Song: Moonlight


Do you love rap? Or hip-hop? If you love both then you are in a treat by your favorite artists Cello and Zach who have just completed recording their new song, Moonlight.

What is this song about? Why should you be excited? Let’s know more about the wonderful collaboration.

Something Different and Unique

Cello and Zach are amazing at what they do, super-talented and great performers. And when they unite for a duo, imagine the magic they can create. Hence, talking about their exclusive creation, the Moonlight isn’t less of a perfectionist.

Where Cello curated beautiful words and melodies, Zach took a new stance on his rapping style, slowing it down a bit to add the element of “uniqueness” to it. The song is beautiful yet creepy. It transports you into a new world, where you feel like walking alone on the streets under the moonlight.

The song reflects your inner-self, a part of you the world hasn’t seen yet, a part that is in pain, and a part that fails to express. Moonlight will make you cry, it’ll make your skin crawl and give you goosebumps while hitting you deep inside.

From the lyrics to the beats, everything about this song is brilliant! And so, if you miss out on it, you’ll be majorly missing out on something amazing.

The Wonder Duo

You must have heard a lot of singers coming together to release a song but nothing can beat Cello and Zach’s creativity. Their song Moonlight is on another level of awesomeness. Although, to some, it may sound a bit slow, to get the best experience out of it, just shut down the noise around, close your eyes, and put on the song.

The powerful beats and strong lyrics performed by brilliant vocalists will hypnotize you. It's like magic that takes a little time to enchant you. Moonlight for some might just be a song, but for Cello and Zach, it is their hard work and a way to get closer to their people.

The duo came together to push boundaries and reach out to more people through their music. Moonlight is an effortless song that comes directly from the heart and touches you deeply. When you’ll listen to it, you feel an unexplainable connection to every word of it.

Although as a common notion it is believed hip-hop and rap songs are fast with loud beats. But with Cello and Zach teamed up, they gave the genres a new twist through the moonlight.

The song is slow yet powerful. It is a combination of spectacular lyrics and excellent tunes backed up by pretty versatile vocals to create something beyond brilliance. Thus, for people who understand music and haven’t heard something excellent for long, moonlight will pleasantly surprise you.

Cello and Zach have worked pretty hard on their song, performed it like true stars with great control, and voiced it soulfully which will surely help them connect with the audience. Are you excited about the release? A few days more until you get to enjoy it!

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