Cardi B Calls Out Trump Over Police Brutality

Cardi B is never one to shy away from politics, and in a recent Instagram Live session, she called out President Donald Trump over the way he's handled police brutality, telling her followers that "he don't care."

"Every single time I see a black man get killed or mistreated by the police, I just keep saying like, 'what the f--k? Nobody gives a f--k. Nobody cares? Nobody cares?'" she said. "And I stopped saying that because nobody do care! Nobody cares. He don't care. He don't care."

She also compared Trump's handling of the issue to his predecessor's, adding, "At least when Obama was president, Obama used to always give a statement letting us know that he feels like it's wrong. He feels it. He sees it. This guy, I know he sees it and he don't give not one shit. I feel like police brutality is going to keep going until he's [no longer] president. Until he's [no longer] president, nothing is going to be done about police brutality."

Cardi B wrapped up her message by urging fans to educate themselves about the 2020 candidates, saying "Please get educated about these candidates so we can get this n---a the f--k out because he don't give a shit. And shit could get worse."


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