Beyonce And Coldplay Anger Fans Over Indian Video

Beautiful as always, Beyonce stuns in the Coldplay’s new video — but she infuriated some for playing a Bollywood actress.

The “Hymn for the Weekend” music video, dropped Friday, has. Coldplay frontman Chris Martin singing in a variety of Mumbai street scenes. It's a single from their seventh album, "A Head Full of Dreams," which was released in December.

In some, people throw colorful powder, a custom during the spring festival of Holi. Men meditate, kids dive into water and dance.

The mesmerizing scenes belong to Beyonce: At one point she's wearing a sari, henna tattoos on her hands and traditional Indian jewelry.

Shot by director Ben Mor, Beyonce is undeniably stunning as she sings in front of a backdrop of flowers in a plunging gown.

Still, the backlash kicked up on Twitter. People are insulted that she's appropriating the culture, dressed as an Indian woman and feel the video feeds into stereotypes.

Among the critics:

"Are we gonna discuss how Beyonce dressing up as an Indian woman for the Coldplay video is cultural appropriation, or no?"

"Beyonce's appropriation was unnecessary imo. If it was someone white it would've been rascist. I think there's a difference."

"Is that cultural appropriation I see, Beyonce? How will her social justice warrior stands explain this one?"

Sonam Kapoor, a Bollywood actress, is in the 4 minute and 20 second video, but does not have much screen time.


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