50 Cent Alludes To Leaving ‘POWER’ Due To Golden Globe Nomination Snub

The 2017 Golden Globe nominations are in, and while several African-American actors have earned nods for their work, the cast of the Starz scripted drama POWER was left out in the dust. The Courtney A. Kemp created drama about a drug dealer attempting to leave his bloody and illegal life in the past to pursue dreams of entrepreneurship has become a cult classic by fans. Yet, that still didn’t seem to help the show merit a nomination, which angered 50 Cent who acts as the show’s resident bad guy and executive producer.

“Golden Globe’s can suck a d**k. I accept my series POWER was not intended to be a signature show for the network, but it is the highest rated show,” 50 Cent captioned on his Instagram post. “I know my audience very well. I’m done promoting this outside of contractual obligations. SEASON 4 KANAN MUST DIE, I got other sh*t to do.”

50 Cent has always been vocal about the lack of appreciation he thinks POWER doesn’t merit, and he wasn’t exaggerating when he said the show was the highest rated. According TV Line, during the Season Three premiere, Ghost and co drew in 2.26 million views. The episode titled “Call Me James” saw a 58 percent uptick than Season Two’s opener, so yeah, POWER lives up to its name.

Yet, the sting of entering the show’s fourth season with no nomination to prove for it bothers Mr. Jackson who is now alluding to killing of his treacherous character to pursue other avenues.


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