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Embarking on a Riveting Journey of Resilience – Felicia Taylor Presents Debut Album “Reflections”

Survivor and songstress, Felicia Taylor unveils her new record “Reflections,” a unique confluence of Pop, R&B, and Electronica

Woodbine, Maryland —”Reflections” represents Felicia Taylor’s undying passion for music and her commitment to sharing her story. Each song in the album is a testament to her survival and a celebration of life.

The artist’s music defies conventional categorization, blending pop, R&B, electronic,…


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TOP NINJA Strikes Again: “Block Colder” Music Video Hits 1.6 Million Views on Instagram and Takes Over Times Square Billboard

Clearwater, Florida — Clearwater, Fl April 5th, 2024 – Renowned artist TOP NINJA continues his meteoric rise in the music scene with the release of his latest music video, “Block Colder.” The video has captivated audiences worldwide, amassing over 1.6 million views on Instagram alone. This visual masterpiece has not only gained traction on social media but has also been prominently featured on numerous prestigious music blogs, solidifying TOP NINJA’s status…


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Introducing VYBELIFE: A Musical Journey of Inspiration

Baltimore, Maryland — Get ready for an unparalleled musical journey as TK King, a native of Baltimore, steps onto the global stage as VYBELIFE. With an unyielding spirit and a commitment to uplifting others, VYBELIFE is set to captivate audiences worldwide with his debut release, blending motivational melodies with irresistible rhythms.

Rooted in Baltimore, TK King’s musical odyssey began in the soulful ambiance of the church, where he found his…


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R&B Music Brimming with Nostalgia and Originality – Dudley D~Luv Patrick Presents “Love Ting”

Bridging decades, Dudley D~Luv Patrick’s “Love Ting” revives the iconic ’90s R&B vibe with a fresh and contemporary sound

Toronto, Ontario, Canada —On April 7th, 2024, the world of R&B will be enriched by the release of Dudley D~Luv Patrick’s “Love Ting” album, a 21-track journey through love, life, and the pursuit of musical excellence. This ambitious…


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Dr Wippit Goes Introspective with New Ambient Pop and Soul Singles Out Now

Dive into the Depths of Emotion with ‘Never Again’ and ‘Nothing In Kerry’ – A New Musical Journey by Dr Wippit

Golden, CO —Dr Wippit, the versatile musician known for his eclectic range spanning from hard rock to hip-hop, announces a captivating divergence into ambient pop and soul with the release of two mesmerizing love ballads. The singles, titled “Never Again” and “Nothing In Kerry,” mark a significant departure from Dr Wippit’s…


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Introducing Vons WRLD: A Rising Musical Talent Emerges from Omaha, Nebraska

Oakland, California — At just 17 years old, Von Williams or professionally known as emerging artist Vons WRLD is already making waves in the music industry with his powerful storytelling and captivating melodies. Born in Omaha, Nebraska, and raised in the vibrant musical landscape of Atlanta, Georgia, Vons WRLD draws inspiration from his diverse upbringing to create music that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Despite facing the challenges of a…


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Bringing Raw Truths to Contemporary R&B Music – J. RED the Nephew Drops Heartfelt R&B Single “Should’ve Been Home”

Under the banner of Soul Mop Productions, Atlanta\’s authentic voice, Jesse Redmond brings back the essence of soul to the airwaves

Atlanta, Georgia —J. RED the Nephew, an Atlanta resident and North Carolina native, discovered his calling in music as a young boy, finding inspiration and solace in the soulful expressions of icons of the genre such as Marvin Gaye, Teddy Pendergrass, and other R&B legends.

The artist’s deep…


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Alabama rapper & music producer “WoozyWhiteboy” is one of the hottest independent artists out right now.

Huntsville, Alabama

“WoozyWhiteboy” is one of the most underrated rap artists from Alabama and has the potential to become the next heavy hitter of southern rap music.

Huntsville, Alabama — New York City – January 12, 2024 Rap artist “WoozyWhiteboy” has been making wave in the underground rap scene lately with over 100k streams since January he has no intention of…


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Igniting the Hip-Hop Scene with A Bold and Sensational New Anthem – ChevyGurl Mesmerizes with “Geek’d Up”

The Tampa Maven stuns audiences with her dynamism, versatility, and inimitable appeal in latest offering, “Geek’d Up”

Tampa, Florida —ChevyGurl announces the release of “Geek’d Up,” a track showcasing her exceptional versatility and lyrical dynamism. The single is an audacious display of ChevyGurl’s…


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Shyne’ce Love – Triumph Over Adversity Through Melodic Hip Hop and Classical Expressions

From personal loss to musical enlightenment, New Orleans singer-songwriter Shyne’ce paves journey towards healing and empowerment

New Orleans, Louisiana —Shyne’ce Love’s story is one of heartbreaking losses and remarkable recovery, a narrative that she weaves into her groundbreaking music. Her new single, “…


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A Bold and Breathtaking Hip Hop Act- Rioo Trending Ascends the Hip Hop Stages with New Release “Ndet Mode”

St. Louis\’s freshest new Hip Hop sensation, Rioo Trending astounds audiences as he merges lyrical finesse with swaggy punchlines

ST.Louis, MORIOO Trending, born from the vibrant streets and rhythms of St. Louis, Missouri, is more than just a moniker; it’s a signature of quality and groove in the hip hop community. Since he started his rap journey in late 2019,…


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SDBG Studios LLC Unveils Raw Truths of Urban Life – P-Stubbz801 Presents Hip Hop Single “The World’s Falling Down”

Founder P-Stubbz801 chronicles the raw and burning realities of street life and redemption through the powerful force of original music

Salt Lake City, Utah —In their latest single, “The World’s Falling Down,” SDBG Studios delves deep into the gritty truths witnessed in the neighborhood of Rockwood Way in West Valley, Utah. The track serves as a poignant reflection on the societal challenges plaguing communities, from crime and…


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Igniting the Journey of Self-Discovery with Reggae Rhythms – Nesbeth Drops New Single “Who’s the Man”

Nesbeth’s striking new drop embodies his ethos of perseverance and social consciousness, showcasing his vibrant musical style and commitment

Baltimore, Maryland —A brilliant Reggae prodigy, Nesbeth stuns all with his latest single, “Who’s the Man,” produced by JonFX and…


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NawGee’s Captivating Journey: From the Streets of San Diego to Musical Triumph

San Disgo, CA — Embark on a captivating journey through the life and music of NawGee, an extraordinary hip hop artist whose raw talent and powerful storytelling reflect his tumultuous upbringing on the Eastside of San Diego. From his early freestyle videos to his latest single, NawGee’s music serves as a testament to the transformative power of resilience and reinvention. Join NawGee on this remarkable musical adventure and discover the captivating artistry…


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When the smoke clears

Introducing Coach Jay: The Multitalented Music Artist Who Blends Dancehall and New Jazz with Incredible Freestyle Skills

Detroit, Michigan – 2-27-2024- Get ready to groove to the infectious beats and captivating lyrics of rising star Coach Jay. With an unrivaled ability to freestyle over any genre, this multitalented artist is taking the music scene by storm.…


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Igniting the R&B Scene with Illustrious Tunes – Ro’Nae and Dae One Ignite the R&B Scene with Stunning Single “Real One”

Seattle’s rising star Ro’Nae delivers a striking, memorable, and show-stopping performance with L.A.’s hit-making producer, Dae One in “Real One”

Seattle, WA —The newest offering from Ro’Nae, in collaboration with Dae One, is the single “Real One“, an embodiment of sultry vocals, soul-stirring lyrics, and melodies that cling to memory. The track showcases not just…


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Check out the Reggae music superstar Daddy Garnet from Zimbabwe Africa

Glendale, Mazowe, Zimbabwe — Check out the original upcoming reggae superstar Daddy Garnet from Zimbabwe Africs with a latest  Ep called Sweetvibration vol1 produced by Steezybeats and Sanksciew records Zimbsbwe

All music fanz nor matter where you from but if youre a reggae fan you should listen to the pure sweet music with total niceness . Its wrtten in  english and shona language . This Ep is available on yutube,spotify,Amazin,Applemusic,deezer,I…


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CHARM™’s New Album, “Love Project II” Out Now

JUST IN: CHARM™️ received an award for “Best R&B Album” in a tie with SZA at the 2024 World Entertainment Awards in Los Angeles, CA, in February.

Washington, DC —March 1, 2024 — Acclaimed solo artist CHARM™ is poised to captivate audiences once again with the release of her highly anticipated album, “The Love Project II.” From “The Love Project” (2022), “Love Only” the single, was honored with a Tracks Award, an Issa Award, and…


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Reflecting on Life\’s Evolution through Powerful Rap – Yolo Ru Drops New Single “Rules Changed”

Yolo Ru unveils his latest track, “Rules Changed,” offering a poignant reflection on life\’s transitions and the resilience required to navigate them.

Fayetteville, NC —With the release of his striking, genre-bending, compelling new release, “Rules Changed,”  Yolo Ru once again shows the world his inventive talent. Having released on Spotify and other official…


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Tracing the Resurgence of Eclectic Roots and Reggae Music – Tonahope’s Album “Born Great” Shines a Ray of Positivity

Embarking on a musical odyssey unlike any other, seasoned artist Tonahope’s refreshing new Roots and Reggae composition takes audiences by surprise

Norfolk, Virginia —Tonahope’s exciting new drop, an original album titled “Born Great,” released for audiences on February 14th, 2024. Marking a resurrection of positive vibrations and a homage to the golden era of Roots…


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