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Joe Dirrt - Dirrt Season Vol. 1 [Album]

Joe Dirrt is excited to release his eagerly-awaited sophomore album Dirrt Season Vol. 1 on April 17, 2020. Spearheaded by the blazing singles…


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Hakeem Paragon - A Sunflower in the Shade [New Positive Hip Hop Album]

Hakeem Paragon is back after the success of his first album in 2019, No Heaven for Heathens, with a brand new album inspired by the beauty of walking in day-to-day life, A Sunflower in the Shade. As always, there is a key concept behind Hakeem Paragon’s releases, as he sets off on a journey to come out of a low…


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BBC-Featured UK Alternative R&B/Soul Artist, Alvin, Shines on His New EP “SEVEN OAKS”

Alvin evokes depth and delicacy in his newly-released second EP, Seven Oaks, which came to fruition after gaining support from BBC’s “Introducing in…


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Kali Kali Raatan ("Dark Dark Nights") by Ron Sidhu and Gami 22 (feat. Shub Gang) [MUSIC VIDEO]

"Kali Kali Raatan" translates to "dark dark nights." It is a fusion of hip hop and R&B, which is targeted toward the young hustlers trying to fulfill their dreams and aspirations by staying true to the vibe and the grind.

About the Artists:

  • Ron Sidhu is based in Seattle,…

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Lochan - Sponge Absorption (Clap Them Sandy Cheeks)

In these uncertain times, Lochan is hoping to distract you and make you laugh with his debut single “Sponge Absorption (Clap Them Sandy Cheeks).” The silly song gives one of our favorite childhood cartoons an adult twist. At the end of the day, you can’t help but shake your Krabby Patty to this summer song.



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Spoony Rachi & Smoke Skywalker - Playas Klub

Spoony Rachi & Smoke Skywalker's "Playas Klub" is a strip club anthem. Hailing from the NorfSide of Atlanta representing the prestigious Rachi Lyfe…


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A Jazzy Hip Hop Take on Covid-19 by Delirious Jake [Fresh Single]

Delirious Jake's "Covid-19" feat. J00ey K is a freshly released hip hop song with a jazzy, positive vibe on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and other major music distribution outlets. 

Delirious Jake is an up-and-coming rapper from a small town in Finland called Pietarsaari, trying to make an impression on the music…


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DB Kash - I'll Be There

Stream DB Kash - I'll Be There on SoundCloud:

Wavy chill ambient harmonized digital piano chord resonances pouncing into a woody beat maze of 86 bpm groove…


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Faith in the Streets. Dodi's "Rar3" Is A 2019 Conscious Rap Masterpiece

Dodi’s music style is as hard as the concrete he grew up on. His music is an echo of his life story and pulls no punches. His lyrics leave you with a vivid and gritty depiction of what he has been through to the point you are reliving it with him. This makes listening to his music a truly personal experience. As his faith is of…


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Lancaster Hip Hop Artist and Songwriter MAG Rushes into the Hip Hop World With An Outpouring of Releases Since August This Year

Mag is a hip hop artist/songwriter from Lancaster, PA (The Lanc). On August 28, 2019, Mag dropped his debut album entitled I Am Mag. It was met with high praise and the songs "My Last" and "Blessed" received radio plays. On September 23, 2019, Mag dropped his 2nd professional project entitled "Designer" featuring ZoneNaxis.…


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Gunnr6ix - Breathing

Gunnr6ix's "Breathing" is his 4th single off his upcoming album 50/50. "Breathing" is the first of many songs Gunnr6ix…


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You Won't Be Able to Get Enough of Canada-turned-Atlanta Rapper Legendz GC's Vitalizing Energy and Fun Twists of Wordplay

The self-taught singer, rapper and musician, Legendz GC's latest single "Money" captures talented lyricism together with good vibes and positive energy. 

Legendz GC has an uncanny ability to sound at home on a beat that is both party and chill at the same time, produced by STZ. Legend GC's artistry is accentuated by his collab with…


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Julien Caine x Sethi Shmactt x Kid Ink – Late Night

Check out the new single “Late Night” by Julien Caine x Sethi Shmactt x Kid Ink.

Stream Julien Caine x Sethi Shmactt x Kid Ink, “Late Night”:


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This Song Will Add Positive Vibes to Your Day - Mr. Rey "No Worries" (Lyric Video)

"No Worries" by Mr. Rey is a song about keeping faith even through the worst times. It has an infectious melody with an epic sounding beat. The main takeaway of the song though is to be focused on what you truly want in life no matter how hard it may get. A true inspiration for artists and entrepreneurs alike. Anyone who comes…


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Inspired by Meek Mill and Will Smith, SauceFame Is Heating Up This Summer With His Hot New Single, "2 Lit"

SauceFame's "2 Lit" is a song for anyone to turn up to. It’s an energetic and hype song for numerous kinds of events such as, concerts, clubs and parties. You can also workout to the song.

SauceFame is an artist/performer whose sound blurs the line between melodies of R&B and the energy of hip hop. Based…


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Dutch - Learning How to Die [Album]

Coming off the success of his 2018 release Single Player Game, Houston artist Dutch returns with his highly anticipated follow up album, Learning How To Lie. The 8 track project is a genre bending blend of hip hop, pop punk and rock; a unique sound that is ubiquitous to the mood that Dutch has curated throughout his…


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Amazing New Rap Artist The Live Fire Releases Creative Self-Titled Album

The Live Fire is an amazing new rap artist with a unique lyrical style and great stories in his music who has fun, hot beats, action, drama and comedy wrapped altogether in his self-titled creative album, THE LIVE FIRE.…


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000Andre Switches Up An Outpouring of Wordplay Blending Opposites in His Energetic and Fun New Single, "Switch Up"

Upcoming Minnesota artist 000Andre lets us feel the heat of the summer waving through in his energetic and fun single, "Switch Up."

Reminiscent of…


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Why This Racist-Sounding Song Isn't Racist At All

After getting feedback from someone who thought this song is racist, I wrote a detailed explanation aiming to accurately contextualize it so people can understand…


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