Kevin Hart Accused Of Refusing To Turn Over Private Social Media Info

Kevin Hart is being accused of refusing to hand over confidential information about his social media followers, and his former business partner has gone back to court.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Hart’s former business partner, Stand Up Digital, is demanding a judge help them get the information in the $7 million lawsuit they brought against the comedian.

Stand Up Digital says they have asked Hart to turn over certain analytics from his Instagram and Twitter, but he objected to giving them the data. They want specific numbers regarding posts he made for the phone app they worked on. Stand Up Digital claims they need the information to build their case against Hart. The company not only wants him ordered to turn over the records but for him to be sanctioned. The judge has yet to rule.

In their original lawsuit, Stand Up Digital claimed they entered into a deal with Hart and his partner, Wayne Brown, to launch a game called “Gold Ambush.”

The game was to feature the comedian and his family as characters. Stand Up claimed to have spent over $1.25 million on developing the game, which was set to launch in September 2017. They claimed the app failed because Hart confessed to an extramarital affair — and that he was being extorted over a sex tape — just one month before the app was due to launch. They accused Kevin Hart of refusing to communicate with them following his confession and sued for damages in excess of $7.2 million.

Hart responded to the lawsuit — and filed a counter-suit of his own — he says the company refuses to take responsibility for the failure of the app when it was “released into an app market where the overwhelming majority of gaming apps make insignificant revenue, and the few successful games, such as ‘Game of War,’ have advertising budgets in the tens of millions of dollars.”

Hart also said that he “suffered through an extremely difficult period in his life, where he was subjected to attempted blackmail to prevent disclosure of an extramarital affair.” He claims the reason he didn’t inform the company of the ordeal prior to announcing it publicly was because he was assisting the FBI investigation and was not free to disclose any details.


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