No Matter What Time of Year, IT'S GRYND SEAZON!!! Check Out the Grynd Seazon Sampler from Grynd Seazon & Noah Archangel

    Grynd Seazon and Noah Archangel are live from from Screwtown (Houston, TX), but don't let thatconfuse you on what to expect musically. Where you might be led to believe their music is all about chopped and screwed and slab's swangin...they bring more then just music to ride to.

    In anticipation of their full length project, we are given a taste of what they do with the "Grynd Seazon Sampler."  A short, 5 song taste of what we can look forward too. They lyrically strive over smooth playing instrumentals with a determination in their voice and delivery, while still displaying a humbleness of knowing the talent shines when you press play. Each line landing in perfect rhythm of the beat and containing actual substance and topic. They are definitely showing they have come to the game aware of their skills and ready to make original masterpieces of music.

   Check out Grynd Seazon & Noah Archangel's Grynd Seazon Sampler Today

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Twitter/IG @@noahofhtx 

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