Indie Artist DeeFyant Shines With Her Latest Single "Sauce It Up"

  If this is your first introduction to up and coming artist "DeeFyant," let me give you a little well deserved back story.

Born and raised in Upper Marlboro Maryland, she began singing with a group of friends at the young age of 12. Immediately feeling her place, singing went from a fun hobby to a dedicated growth as she became a tried and true recording artist.  DeeFyant describes herself as a singer, or RnB artist if you will, but the way she perfectly fuses hip hop, trap and pop it's clear she has made a lane of her own and is riding it with finesse and grace. Smooth as an old school big body on an open ride one summer afternoon.

  DeeFyant's single "Sauce It Up" has been gaining numbers and notice on all platforms.  Delivered calm and confident, you can feel the vibes of the fun DeeFyant had in the creative process behind the scenes of 'Sauce It Up," and the video brings it all to light for the world to see.

  In a crisp visual presentation, DeeFyant takes us into her world of night party's and good positive energy inside her circle. Director Judlin Civil brings the single to the next level of light as he perfectly captures DeeFyant's aura with smooth motions and live angles. Presenting DeeFyant in a way that truly shows who she intends to be in this business...a star!

  "Sauce It Up" is produced by Zukye Ardella and just matches DeeFyants vocal presence in a way that the sound is clearly greatness unfolding before your ears. And lastly, I could go on and on but it really won't do this amazing singer/song writers musical art the justice it is deserved. You have to check it out for yourself to see that we are getting an original, raw and extremely talented artist presented to us. Good music, good vibes and a style and feel all her own,...DeeFyant deserves a listen. The repeat will earn itself. 

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