[EXCLUSIVE] 10 Questions With Independent CEO Touchmoney Cease

1. What's the most important part of a song ? The instruments or the vocals?
The Vocals Are The Most Important Because Lyrics Can Impact A Soul, The Beat Alone Can't Do That In My Opinion.

2. Do you like underground / mainstream / both?
I Like Both For Different Reasons.

3. Have you made or spent more money on your music career?
Yes I Have, Thousands An Thousands Of Dollars.

4. How do you you feel about the Corona virus?
I Hate It Because It Is Killing My People, But At The Same Time I'm Not Scared Of It.

5. When's your next song drop?
I'm Not Sure Yet, It Is Still In The Works.

6. If you could sign one local rapper from your area besides yourself who would it be?
If I Could Sign A Local Rapper From My City It Would Be FlizzyBeatz.

7. Apple Music or Spotify?
Apple Music

8. Do you do original music or remixes?
I Do Both, I Feel Like As An Artist You Need That Balance.

9. Do you get more love from your local area or out of town?
Out Of Town All The Way.

10. Have you ever had writer's block, how do you get back in the zone?
Yes I Have, An I Don't, I Stop Writing When I Cannot Think Of Lyrics.

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