An Entertainer You Should Know About, "17" Is Gaining Numbers With His New Single "Seventeen"

When RnB/Soul (and a dash of true hip hop essence if you ask me) song writer "17," music came our way we were impressed. It was different. An entire different vibe from what everyone else is doing. He was original in his sound. The music let off a positive energy. And we knew immediately we were going to feature his latest single, "Seventeen"…


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BUZZ OF THE WEEK: Up And Coming Artist "Pagne" Is Gaining A Nice Buzz With His New Single "Naughty"


Just came across our desk and it's easy to see why after your first listen,....a new single by an up and coming recording artist who goes by "Pagne." His new single "Naughty" is starting to trend and be shared around. Quickly gaining streams among music platforms, showing up on playlists and word of mouth, it…


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Kay L.A. Brings A New Vibe To A Classic With Her New Single/Video "Crush On You (Remix)"

                                                                       Photo Credit: Madeline McQuillan

Women today in HipHop have a double weight on their shoulders. Its always been harder for a female emcee to enter the game. And these days they only do in one of two ways, either tough…


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HipHop Emcee's DelliReeus And Lord KristosLuz Team Up To Deliver a Song Of World Tribute With "Covid One Nine"

From one side of the globe to the other....the world has been hit hard through the COVID-19 pandemic. While all attention has gone to the losses taken in businesses and schools, very little gratitude has been shown for all of those who stayed on the frontlines to help us function as close to normal as possible. From nurses to restaurant…


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"Heistheartist" Is Making A "BOOM" In The Indie Scene With His New Single

Heistheartist is an American Christian singer-songwriter from Central Islip, NY. Formerly a secular neo-soul singer signed to "Bentley Records" under his biological name "LeeMann Bassey," Heistheartist discovered that his true calling was with the Lord after hearing an inspiring sermon by TD Jakes online one day. That day he…


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SpanawayLeMay Is An Artist On The Rise You Should Know

Washington state emcee SpanawayLeMay is an up and coming artist who deserves his shine. Hitting the ground running he has already flooded the music scene with numerous projects and single releases showcasing not only his hard lyrical talent, but also his hunger to create quality content. SpanawayLeMay brings an energy to vocal presence that…


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Just In Time For The Summer Jay Fam And Og Money Lew Drop The Single "Verdi"


For starters, only real players know that champagne is the perfect drink for the warm weather. And contrary to popular belief of the "top shelf" drinkers, just a shelf or two down is a smooth blend called Verdi. And a bottleor two  of this, your night is becoming a movie.

Now put that feeling over a smooth…


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Sean Cos Mason Is Prepped To Drop His New Single "4 My Town" Pre-order Your Copy Today

Sean Cos Mason AKA Sean M, is prepping to drop his new single "4 My Town" and the indie scene is already buzzing. With the May 8th release announcement came a snippet release via the platform page. And it's a hot one. Spitting hard bars over an uptempo bass shaking instrumental, Sean shows why he deserves recognition as an emcee, while putting on for…


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Indie And On The Rise, "Alvin" Brings A New Taste Seasoned With Legendary Flavor In His New Project "Seven Oaks"


    "Memorable confessional lyrics capturing eerily beautiful harmonies, unlock your fantasies in Seven Oaks"



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HOT VIDEO RELEASE! Check Out The New Video "MOTION" From Blitzy


 We've come across one hell of a hot joint from up and coming emcee "Blitzy."  His new single "MOTION" is quickly gaining a buzz on the independent charts. Everything a good hip hop tracks requires is accounted for. From a hard beat to slick lyrical metaphors, and the voice presence and delivery of Blitzy quickly…


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Marvin Mayo Releases The Video For His Single "Dope Sick"


There is a force of heat burning through the frost of Alaska but it isn't global warming. The rise in temperature comes from the music of one up and coming emcee who is flooding his state with hot music. Marvin Mayo proudly states that some of his biggest musical influences are Andre 3000, J.Cole, MF DOOM to name…


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CustomAnthems Music Productions Is Stepping Out To The Forefront And Grabbing Attention With Their New Single "Hey Yo"


CustomAnthems Music Productions, the writers and producers for independent artists, have just released one of their own pop tracks titled "Hey Yo". It is a fresh track with an old-school twist an includes one or two disses (for fun of course).

Included is a hot hip hop choreographed music…


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Nino Cortez Is Bringing Back That Good R-N-B Feel Like "No One Else"

  The last decade or so, great R-N-B has become harder and harder to find. It's not that it isn't out there....but it's few. And alot of it has lost, well,...its soul. Gone are the days of The Delfonics, The Stylistics and The Chi-Lites. I haven't heard anything reminiscent to Jodeci, Dru Hill, Carl Thomas or Usher in like a decade. No more…


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Jake Shaw & His YourOwnMusic Label Have Just Dropped The Second Album Titled "2020 Vision" Featuring Artists From All Over The World!

YourOwnMusic Company CEO  "Jake Shaw" has built a company that's all about helping artists reach 10's of 1,000's of listeners daily. From playlists to blogging platforms, YourOwnMusic has built a productive of both talented, hard working artists, and actual listeners. Jumping head first into 2020, YourOwnMusic has released a compilation album…


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Wreck The Rebel Drops His New Single "Friends"

We've come to expect something fresh and original when Cali Emcee "Wreck The Rebel" drops a new track. And once again, he delivered. WTR even took to the production on this one and gave us a futuristic sounding boom bap track. Complete with some dope lyrics, Wreck did his part in giving the culture some pure Hip Hop music. As always when it…


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RJ Griffith Is An Artist On The Rise And Bringing Life Back To A Dreary Game With The Release Of His "A Good Day" Ep

A few words come to mind when I hear the name of Chicago Native "RJ Griffith,"....Motivation, Positivity, Character, Faith, Pride...are ways I would describe his music and message. A man who knew his destiny is to change the world for the better even if it's one mind at a time. Always having a strong passion for music and his creative art, RJ…


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Foreign Glizzy Flex's With His New Video "Running Up A Bag"

Foreign Glizzy is quickly becoming an independent power house in the underground circuits. And his latest visual "Running Up A Bag" a milestone of just that.  As per the usual with Foreign Glizzy we get a dose of some dope lyrical reality fueled bars. A hard instrumental from  Draco & MarvinBeats. And a crisp entertaining visual…


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YourOwnMusic Drops Second Label Album "2020 Vision"

YourOwnMusic has worked their a**es off to build one hell of a reputation in the underground circuits. From song placement to website platform reviews, they have helped artists get their music in front of millions. And now they are prepping to drop their second full length album titled "2020 Vision." Scheduled for a January 10th release, the…


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Young Pok Preps To Release His New Year Album "Wats My Name"

2020 is starting to buzz in the underground with artists promoting their new year single, album and video releases. One of those artists we are especially looking forward too, is Young Pok, and his January 1st release of the project "Wats My Name?"...and we have had the pleasure of getting an exclusive, pre-release…


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Your Name Is Just As Important As Your Music! "Rap Name Generator" Can Help Your Marketing In Less Than 3 Seconds

For a hip hop artist, their name needs to be as attention grabbing and catchy as their music is.  Think of your favorite artist/producer/group and how their name grabbed you. The power and soul it held,and how it related to their music. This is all part of marketing for many. And every artist knows the grip the name holds and try to come with…


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