Buddha Cardovo Is Showing And Proving The Vibe Of Hip Hop Is Alive In Maine

Buddha Cardovo is a hip hop artist from Topsham Maine. Co founder of 141 Fam and 3 Dub, and Co-CEO of Beyond Containment Entertainment.  And with a plateful he still finds the time to continuously release hot music independently. Bring energy and life to his sound, he out does himself track after track and always presents his music with top of the line professional sound and video.

His latest project "You Are Here" is some of Buddhas best work to date. "A story of life and losing time" according to Buddha Cardovo, to me seemed more like "a thesis of living and the growth of understanding to live everyday as your last" to this listener. But that is the beautiful thing about real hip hop. Everyone finds something different all pertaining to the same message.

And messages, or letters, are what Buddha gives his listeners. The lead single/video for the project "The Letter" is filled with well written bars as Buddha express his thank you's for everyone who stood with him, as well as those who showed their true colors and were left in his path of growing.  Almost metaphorically filmed in secluded areas with Buddha tearing up the instrumental with a wicked chopper style flow, I couldn't tell if he was cinematically saying he has found peace, he stands alone as he rises or both. Any way it goes, it is a stunning visual presentation as  well as a dope meaning if there is one.

You can check out Buddha Cadovo's music and videos, including the "You Are Here" project on all major streaming and distribution platforms. Or go directly to https://beyondcontainmententertainment.com/buddha-cardovo and keep up with ne of the fastest rising emcees in the underground. Trust me...it will be well worth it.