Indie Emcee i.T MISFiT Brings A Sound All His Own In New LP Release "SYZYGY"

  i.T MISFiT's new LP titled "SYZYGY" on both Youtube and Soundcloud.  The 9 song project is a pretty entertaining introduction to this determined young artist.  Most of the instrumental chosen by i.T MISFiT are the first thing you hear, and the first example that you are not about to hear that music that "everyone" is doing. Although it does hold a resemblance to today's popular sound, there is just something about the tempo and darkness of the production that tells the listener, we are going beyond the lies and illusion of entertainment, and right to the emotion of life. Of life's struggle. The struggle in the mind of a young man in today's society.

   i.T MISFiT delivers with his lyrical content as well. He carries a drool delivery scheme that almost seems to drag, then drops the end of the bar perfectly into the pocket of the track. His rugged tone of voice only adds to the depth deep thought the project goes. And with it, i.T MISFiT drops lyrical science. His music carries a message of intelligence and knowledge of self blended in between the lines. As he learns himself, he also is studying man kinds history. The importance of things we have been led to forget over generations. Picture the content of Nas and Scarface mixed into one. The thinker.studier blended with the survivor/gangster, seasoned with the today of the next generation...and you have i.T MISFiT. Something new,...fresh,.....and needed in every real hip hop consumers playlist.

 And we have it for you. Check out the youtube stream of i.T MISFit's new project "SYZYGY" TODAY