Up And Coming Emcee Miss Red Drops New Ep While Showing She Was Built For Independent Greatness

Hailing from the state of Maryland, hip hop recording artist Miss Red is the real deal. Lyrically she delivers. her presentation is professional. And her work ethic is something we see the greats made of. But it almost seems as though it was her destiny. her Father was an avid player of the piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, as well as sang professionally at a young age. Miss Red was toned for this as well at a young age as she herself was enrolled in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, and Hip Hop dance classes as well. She began writing at the tender age of only 8, and she stuck with her dream. Today she has 3 completed projects, independent distribution from her personal website, and a track record of touring and performing that would shame many in the industry today.

Her latest project "The RedHeaded Stepchild" Ep, has been doing well both on feedback and streams/downloads. The 7 song Ep has a little something for everyone, and truly showcases the talent and versatility of Miss Red's rhyme skills. Seldom do we find female artist who push their talent these days. It's true sex sells, but real hip hop heads are listening and not looking. The over-sexual presentation of female rappers has almost destroyed every bit of respect artists like Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Monie Love, Lauryn Hill and many others fought to gain women emcee's in the hip hop industry. Miss Red still adds a dash of sexy to her overall presentation, but she does so as a lady...and that in itself makes her something worth listening to. Something worth supporting. And the EP "The RedHeaded Stepchild" is the perfect introduction to what this young lady can do. Check it out today.

You can keep up with Miss Red, her tour dates, her music, and even download or stream all of her music, directly from her professional website.

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