The Multi-Talented Duo "The Keymakers" Remix, Reinvent and Release "Insomniac (Mizu Remix)"

There's an old saying in the music business that goes "how do you make one great song into 2 great songs? You remix it."  And that brings us here today. The multi-talented dynamic duo, The Keymakers, brings the world a new hit with their remix "Insomniac (Mizu Remix)."

The Keymakers consist of brothers Rome and Rederic Alexander. Talented in production, writing, singing, engineering and performing, the brothers have blended a stand out sound of pop, EDM and Urban music. What comes is an originality and sound that sets The Keymakers in their own lane on cruise control.

The new single "Insomniac (Mizu Remix)" is a spin off from their chart topping single "Insomniac." But the sound and vibe of this one is completely different while holding the same content creating a whole new single. Bringing in the creativity of DJ Mizu took the single another direction and birthed a classic song from a classic song. Around the office we have been jokingly calling it "up all night 2."  Perfect for any setting, "Insomniac (Mizu Remix)" will keep you up all night with the track on repeat. Check it out today!!

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