The KonquestNow Family Goes Next Level With The New Single "Starfield" from VerseBorn featuring Dox Boogie and Wreck The Rebel

It has become a custom, to get excited when something from the KonquestNow squad crosses our desk. In a lane all their own. every artist on the label brings something different and unique. The quality is always professional and the content always requires a few replays so your brain can compute everything it was being given. Add to that the satisfactory feeling of getting some real and original, and you have to agree they are building something legendary.

The teams craft is universal and out of this universe at the same time. And that shines through on the new single "Starfield."  The song itself is from the lyrically unorthodox emcee VerseBorn, featuring Dox Boogie and Wreck The Rebel. The beat itself if such a classic West Coast sound blended with a classic East Coast drum line, making it immediately stand out to your ears.  It draws you in holds you until your head has been nodding and you haven't noticed. Almost hypnotically. As each emcee takes the mic the single builds momentum.  All three artist shine apart and together they take us to those seldom situations where the lyrics, drown out one cold ass instrumental. 

"Starfield" is now available on all major streaming platforms. 

CLICK HERE to Stream "Starfield" on Pandora Radio

CLICK HERE to Stream "Starfield" on Spotify

CLICK HERE to Purchase "Starfield" on iTunes

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