The Creative Duo Known As "Sleep Letters" Brings A Peace To Indie Music With The Release of Their "STILL" EP

   Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Andrew Harris and Geoff Price are the duo that together form the group "Sleep Letters." They specialize in creating content from dead air....meaning, all of their music is created free hand. No samples or repeated sound riffs. And that originality in creation and style has been working wonders for these 2.

   They have just released their EP entitled "STILL" and it is an amazing piece of music production. The short 5 song EP is over flooded with talent. The way Sleep Letters builds music and brings it all together for a final sound of a song gains honorable mentions at first listen.

    Released on "Non Participant Records" Sleep Letters does everything at an independent level. Even the digital and physical distribution. Catering to both digital and analog listeners, "STILL" has been released digitally via Sleep Letters Bandcamp account and the popular Spotify streaming app. But they also offer the option of purchasing physical copies from online. These physical versions are available on both CD and Cassette. Check out a little of their music here today, and get a listen to what will very possibly be one of the most talked about projects for the beginning of 2018.

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