Let’s hope Scott Disick shows more restraint disciplining his kid.

Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy was caught on video on unloading a few F-bombs on a photographer who got a little too close to baby Mason at Miami International Airport Wednesday.

Disick, in a fit of rage, got in the face of the photographer, spouting, "How close can you get?? ... stand back, you f---ing idiot."

Despite the pleas of Disick, Kardashian and others in the traveling party to respect their space, photographers keep snapping off pics before Disick picked out one to make an example of.

Disick charged at the photographer, demonstratively pointed his finger in his face, and yelled, "Don't get that f---ing close to me!"

Disick, Kardashian and Mason - along with the rest of the party - were unharmed in the incident and quickly left the airport after the run-in.

Kardashian took her blog Thursday, warning paparazzi not to cross certain lines.

"Paparazzi beware. Please don't get too close to Mason. We don't like it," the reality star wrote.

"Stay at a friendly distance, don't ask dumb questions and we can all get along," Kardashian added.

Kardashian arrived in Miami to prepare for her hosting duties at the Ganesvoort Hotel on South Beach Friday night where she’ll headline the Ciroc New Year's Eve party.


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