New Album Coming Soon by Ron Lewis aka "KALI"


Ronald "kali" Lewis, is a rapper from Wilmington Delaware, inspiring to be more than just Wilmington...

Growing up in a city where gun violence and drugs were the daily events, kali chose to be different and focus squarely on rap. Being inspired by the likes of ll cool j, biggie smalls, onyx, mobb deep and other east coast rappers, in 2000 he started his journey to pursue music full time. 

 Battle rap became the main outlet for the talented rapper, it wasn’t until late 2002 when kali decided to take the responsibility of trying to become an owner and started "GAFF ENT" with his then partner Tariq Gaffney. Ty, as he was known, would be the powerhouse from promotion and funding, leaving kali to focus on the music production. The project "show and prove" was his first in studio album and the catalyst that would fuel the burning desire to win. Even though, "show and prove" had local producers with a cult like following helping the distinct sound, ultimately the project didn't recouped the budget that was put in place for production.

After splitting with his partners at Gaff Ent, kali went back to the drawing board and started doing mixtapes and shows.    

 In the summer of 2009, kali locally released a project called "JUST MY THOUGHTS" which he sold on the streets for $4 a copy. The scheme allowed the artist to sale 4,000 units independently, giving him his first taste of what the highs and lows of the music industry.

 During this time kali also hooked up with his partner Rob "robd" Dorsey and hit the road, doing shows in different cities like Richmond VA, Baltimore MD, Atlanta GA and other major cities on the east coast!

After gaining notoriety on the local music scene, kali decided to take his talents too other areas. After talking to his engineer Malmagik, his journey takes a new turn bringing him in the path of an artist named Robert "country boii" Doty from Houston Texas. During this time with TooTheTop Ent, kali learned different things about marketing and strategy, taking his music IQ to a whole new level. While working with countrii, kali ran into many different people like Ronni king, helping him to hone his sound and the politics of the music.

After deciding to move to Houston, Texas and fully explore the option of doing music full time, kali has now come full circle with hip hop and is now ready to attack the game with an all assault. Packing am arsenal of witty flows, catchy hooks and an ear for beats that is distinct and his own, this artist is sure to be a force to be respected. 

A look into the creative vibe that was captured by these two hungry artist. Shot entirely on location in Houston, Texas by a creative GENIUS team FIRE IMAGES. First edition of the Samuel L Jackson 2 EP, visual collection. 


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