N.S.D Is A Hip Hop Album Filled With Variety And Talent And Deserves To Be Heard

Ok, I don't have alot of back story for this project and was struggling to find some, so I'll give mine. As I was listening to my Pandora Radio the other, I looked into indie and unknown artists and started a station. In the mix I heard a single titled "Coolie High" by artist XAVR and Jaaant. Now the song itself had quickly caught me with the beat and lyrical content. When I seen the title I was sold as "Cooley High" is one of my favorite films. Following a few repeats I was hungry for more and search for the artists. What I came across became an immediate classic in my book. 

The title artist is given as "$ammy J," with the title of the project being "N.$.D" and gave me more of a compilation vibe. The 13 track project featured a slew of talented and different emcees and artists. Each one bringing a lyrical skill to the mic that not only set them apart from each other...but apart from everything being produced and called hip hop today. 

Already hooked, I was sold once I reached track 10. The single "Starting Over" by Verb Wayz, was not only a total different lane than the rest of the project....but something I haven't had the pleasure of hearing in a while. Real R-N-B music. I mean REAL. A true singer. No auto tune or mass over lays. Just raw God given talent with an amazing presence. A-Z this project is an all out classic presentation of music. And a strong statement that true writers and performers still create beautiful music. 

As i said, I was not able to find alot of information...but I did find whats important. Great Music. The "N.$.D" project is available on all major streaming and distribution platforms.

CLICK HERE to stream on Spotify

And you can contact the mastermind behind this classic, $ammy J, @

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