Miss Good RnB/Soul Music? We Recommend You Look Into Singer/Songwriter EvaOni

RnB just doesn't present the artists it used to. High powered vocals have been replaced with digitally altered whispers, the ability to touch notes have been replaced with autotune, and the energy,both in the music and live,... is just no longer there. Looking for good soulful music these days, you either find yourself listening to new rappers, or old artists. Unless you're smart enough to know about the indie scene.

Which brings us here today. EvaOni is a dedicated and talented artist. Her music is a breath of fresh air to the listeners. She brings not only raw emotion, but pure talent to the scene. From feelgood music from the heart, to painful serenades of love and heartache, EvaOni covers it all.

Her hardwork has been paying off the last few months as her listening base continues to grow daily. And after one listen you will see why. With music available on all popular platforms for distribution and streaming from iTunes to YouTube, you can find her songs on just about any of your favorite music providers. Check her out to day, and see for yourself why EvaOni is a Recommended Artist.

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