Jake Shaw, CEO of YourOwnMusic, had a vision. He wanted to provide artists with real organic plays and feedback. And he has put in the foot work to do just that. Presenting his company "YourOwnMusic" where any artist can not only easily find them, but afford them as well.

In a business of digital numbers and robots it can be hard to know who has a genuine opportunity, and who has the latest get paid quick scheme. But YourOwnMusic took a different route. Building a network of business and a following of listeners, your music actually reaches a real audience. And since Jake Shaw aligned himself with services and sites world round, an artist never knows where their music could reach, and even blow up. 

And the results speak for themselves. From single reaching top 10s and 40s on playlist from all around the globe, to artists music being picked up and written about on several platforms. Jake Shaw has created a great avenue for independent artists to artists who have a buzz to spread that buzz to areas they haven't reached yet. And starting from the bottom up, helped Jake work his numbers to make all of his services affordable. And the results can be unbelievable.

You can check out what they offer @

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