Lil Dee aka @RapMonsterDotCo - I'm Jesus

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Im masked up with a stolen glock start the revolution

time to stomp religion out no more excuses
run up in the lords house with a pistol start shooting
rob you for that tithing money and put it to proper use man
god told me to do this im just following orders
cause yall are being led like some sheep to the slaughter
so he sent me to save you god damn it im jesus
the son of god the messiah and i know u wont believe this
but ive fallen from the sky and its time for some revenge
2/3rds of u must die so let the killings begin
no mercy no love no compassion get drugged
and i be damn if i rapture off anyone to the above

im far from being politically correct you'll never catch me working 9 to 5 for no check
especially for no crackers hell nall i got respect i aint had a job since 1996
every chance i get i break the white mans law get me to crunk ill break a white mans jaw
and that aint being racist im just stating the facts and dont think that u exempt just because yo ass is black
nowadays house niggers dont know how to act they worst than them crackers trying to hold a nigger back
im out in the field and im plottin an attack soon as he turn around stab him in his back

i learned well from judas that the tricks are abundant for 30 pieces of silver toss u in a dungeon
for a little fortune and fame they'll throw u to the wolves and although you may object its being overruled
u have no say so i control what u speak and dont even think about it just accept what i teach
you'll be better off that way brainless mind dead sheep and if i catch yo ass rebelling ima kick u to sleep
its an eternal nightmare where no one cares the louder u scream the less they hear
duct tape his ass throw him in off the rear watch em do a magic trick yo poof disappear

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