Lawsuit Against Nicki Minaj Gets Dissmissed

Nicki Minaj has shut down a promoter’s lawsuit without ever having to show up to court, as a judge dismissed the case because the singer couldn’t be served.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a New York judge has dismissed the lawsuit brought by promoter Cahuenga, Inc. The judge said the case was being thrown out because Cahuenga didn’t serve Minaj, despite years to lock that down.

As a result, all claims against Minaj are dismissed and the case is officially closed.

Back in 2017, Cahuenga, Inc. sued Minaj accusing her of breaching a deal they had for NBA All-Star Weekend. The suit explained Minaj signed a deal with them in 2011, where she agreed to make an appearance and host an event at Siren Studios in Hollywood.

Cahuenga paid the singer a total of $53,000 prior to the event and Minaj was to arrive at midnight and stay until 1:00 AM. The company claims Minaj arrived 90 minutes late, at 1:30 AM, and left in less than 30 minutes.

Cahuenga said they got screwed on the deal and claimed to have lost profits. They sued Minaj for in excess of $53k.

The suit had been dragging on for years because the company had not been able to located Minaj to serve her with the legal papers, which is required for a case to proceed.

Recently, Cahuenga tried to drag Minaj’s mother Carol Maraj into the case by serving her with the lawsuit. They asked the judge to allow the service on her mother to count and let the lawsuit move forward.

The judge wasn’t entertained and denied their motion. In the court order he trashed the promoter for continuing to ask for time extensions to find Minaj but not appearing to make any real effort.

The lawsuit was also their second attempt to bring these claims against Nicki Minaj, having originally filed the same complaint in 2014, but they never served the singer. They decided to re-file the new case in 2017.


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