Jonah Melvon Cleanses A Dirty Industry And Lets Rays Of Hope Shine Through With His New Album "RainWater Project"

San Francisco native Jonah Melvon is bringing something back to talented music we haven't had in a while. Fun. With an extensive resume, this singer, rapper, songwriter and more, written billboard charting singles, and performed along side some popular and creative singers and Hip Hop acts. While loving being so indulged in the music culture...Jonah felt something was missing. His over all creative presence. 

Bringing us here today. Jonah Melvon has just released his new album "RainWater Project" on all major streaming and distribution platforms. His album is a powerful blend of RnB and Hip Hop with an overlay of fun and emotion. Jonah's music reminds me of yester-years in music when a song turned a party up, and everyone from children to elders would get up and move their feet. 

One thing that quickly sets Jonah apart from most music today, is that almost immediately you can hear this man is not afraid to be himself. And in reflects in his creative art giving us a sound and vibe in a category all its own.  One of my personal favorites, and also one of Jonah's 3 lead singles, is 1099. The single featuring the beautiful vocals of Adesha, is metaphoric in its content. A song that is almost designed as a recipe for an old fashioned home cooked meal...but is actually an ode to family and its bond. True family, although life may have spread them across the globe on their own paths...certain scents and tastes remind us of them. And when we come together...we fit perfectly like sweet potatoes and greens along side the turkey and mac and cheese. Brilliant song writing. And amazingly performed.

I could go into detail song for song through this classic catalog known as "RainWater Project," but my complex description of "1099" is a metaphor within itself. It is a taste into a full meal of music. Where every song has a deeper meaning. And was so passionately driven by the energy of a soul...that each person will find different understanding. But if nothing else, the power and positivity of the "RainWater Project" will brighten your day like a rainbow after the storm. Check it Out Today!!

CLICK HERE to Stream "RainWater Project" on Spotify

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