Jay Z & Beyonce's New "On The Run" Trailer Has More Stars Than A Hollywood Blockbuster

Crime, betrayal, violence, love and sex.
It has all the hallmarks - not the mention the big names - of a gripping big budget film, but don't expect to see Beyonce and Jay Z's movie at the theatre anytime soon.
The husband and wife team surprised the world on Saturday night with a fake movie trailer for their On The Run Tour, which kicks off next month.

No strangers to playing criminals in love - the couple did a duet in 2003 called 03 Bonnie And Clyde which sparked their relationship - Jay Z and Beyonce are once again running from the law.
In the video, the 99 Problems rapper plays a small time gangster who decides to go big and, in doing, so takes his love, played by Beyonce of course, into a dangerous world that could get them both killed.
Jay is under the mentorship of big time gangster Sean Penn, who warns the up-and-comer that the dangerous game could get both him and his love killed.

The clip opens with the rapper's character realising he should have listened the Sean.
The 44-year-old says: 'I can remember this one time when you told me ''When the s**t gets bigger than the cat, get rid of the cat'' I didn't know what the f**k you were talking about till right now.'
And the pair certainly find themselves in a very scary world after they decide to rob a bank.
Both Jay Z and Beyonce are not only on the run from the police, but also from even bigger and badder gangsters.

Beyonce obviously relished her chance to be a bad girl and is seen firing semi-automatic weapons and running - in a bra, hot pants and fur of course - away from a cop played by Emmy Rossum.
At times this dark world is glamorous, with the Crazy In Love singer shown floating in a pool surrounded in hundred dollar bills and sexily stripping while dressed as a cowgirl.
However, it is also very dangerous and the singer is often at the wrong end of the stick, shown bloodied and bruised.

The law catches up with her at one stage and the 32-year-old stands in a line-up wearing just a bra, a pair of crocheted pants and a white jacket which are all covered in blood.
Next to her in the line-up is sisters Rashia and Kidada Jones.
Jay Z also does not escape injury and requires some at home stitches from Beyonce in one hard to watch scene.

Bey trying to get her street cred back but…...


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