What’s your background?

Brooklyn New York is the place that molded me. In my late teenage years I moved down south and moved from Florida to Atlanta. Finally my journey led out west to Colorado where I currently reside. I began with Brooklyn, New York molding me because that is where I gained my edge. This is where you hear the pain and struggle in my music. Perseverance and resilience was built during these times in which I use these themes to motivate others with my lyrics. I would have been all lyrics had i not spent so many years in the south. This is where I learned to turn up. This is where lyrics met excitement and an authentic blend of northeast and southeast culture was created. There have been artist from the north who have tried to sound like the south and vice versa but here is an artist who has truly seen and lived on both sides of the dixie line with a story to tell. One of the main reasons that I moved down south was to play football at Florida A&M university aka Famu. That was short lived due to the time requirements demanded in the streets. Anyone who attended famu during these times know the was tons of street activity going on off and on campus at florida a&m and I was fully involved. In my music you will be able to clearly tell that i graduated with a degree in business administration and management and I also graduated with a degree in the streets. Living on both sides of the equation gives me an extremely unique story to tell through sound. 

What does your work aim to say?

My work aims to motivate. I aim to have people that are struggling see that anyone can make it out of their situation. My work also aims to inspire people to live life fully. Each and every song whether its an explosive track to get you jumping on tables or a laid back vibe painting pictures of fortunate and unfortunate quests, it all will be packed with nuggets of wisdom that you can take straight to the bank. Each individual track also has its own aim depending on where the beat takes me. In a song like Bag Different my aim is to show you its levels to getting bags. Some people hold money to there ears while most with real money don't even have cash. Finally the aim is to bring back realness and leadership and remind people that you can be comfortable in your own skin without having to adapt to the status quo.



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