Indie Artist Kelonn Darnell Is Heading Straight To The Bank With His EP Project Release "Deposit$"

     Ok, let's just get this out in the open....most rap music today sounds the same. Same topics...same beat patterns and tempo...same style. Alot of what we hear when a new artists comes out is often exactly what we heard from the last artist that was buzzing. Enter Dallas,TX native Kelonn Darnell.

     Kelonn recently released his independent project called "Deposit$" and it is everything a real hip hop is looking for. Dope beat choices. Actual content in the lyrics. Hunger in the delivery. And originality. To sum it up...Deposit$ is an insert of pure talent you can cash out on.

     Released under Well Invested Entertainment and entirely produced by Juicy Beats, "Deposit$" gives us a vibe we haven't heard in a while. We enter that real hip hop realm, where the beats are banging...but the artist is saying so much well thought out dialogue, that the artists words...out shine the beat.  

     Every song on this 8 track catalog could hold its own as a single. Kelonn Darnell brings a hunger back to the booth. And instrumentals is what he craves. From street anthems to success stories, a wide variety of content is covered in a short project. But when you are actually adding substance to your music....and are a talented word smith like Kelonn Darnell, creating pure art is that hard to do.

     We look forward to hearing more from this talented up and comer. And after pressing play just once, you will too. You can stream "Deposit$" in its entirety on all popular streaming and digital distribution platforms.

To Purchase "Deposit$" on iTunes CLICK HERE

To Stream "Deposit$" on Spotify CLICK HERE

To Stream "Deposit$ on Tidal CLICK HERE

And keep up with Kelonn Darnell @

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