HOT NEW SINGLE: Hip Hop Emcee Buice Drops A Hot New Single "Head High"

I have to just start off honestly, this guy deserves a listen. 

Hailing from North Atlanta, Buice is a 19 year old emcee. A creative word smith with a vibe all his own. His new single "Head High" has immediately set him apart from other artists I've heard recently, and quickly placed him on my personal "stay alert for new music" list. 

"Head High" holds a melodic feel. Its catchy and different. Now heres what really got me...the hook for "Head High" is a slowed delivered piece. It fits perfectly to the well crafted instrumental produced by "Coop." But almost to well. To the point where I questioned, "how exactly would one rap to sounds to slow." But thats the beautiful thing about music and creativity, you never know what someone else hears. 

And Buice has a very ingenious ear. He came in with such a different and perfect style. The flow pattern couldn't have been smoother. The word play was visionary...and most importantly, there was so much content bar for bar through out the song. It isn't every day that I become a fan from the first song i hear from an artist, but Buice is something different. i am looking forward to what he comes with next, and after one listen, I am sure you will be too.

Check Out "Head High" on Soundcloud Today!

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