Harvey Finch Enterprise Releases Their 3rd Cypher Video "Paid In Full" With Sponsorship From Facebook Hip Hop Foundation "Underground Rap World"

Over the years, Harvey Finch Enterprise has dominated their underground areas and most of the indie scenes with restless promotion and releases.  Music videos, singles, projects, performances, media tours and interviews to name a few lanes, but there is always something going on with the artists and material coming from HFE. The last few years they have begun to drop cypher style music videos. And this year is no different. HFE just dropped the third installment of a roster effort single and titled this one "Paid In Full."  

Bar for bar the artists go CRAZY showing that as a whole, they can mow down any obstacle faced lyrically. Bringing energized delivery and tongue twist style flows over a hardcore instrumental produced by King Mezzy. Never loosing the pace we jump from one talented emcee to another, each with different background settings and visual styles creating an unexpected professional visual of cinematic presentation. The popular Facebook indie rap platform "Underground Rap World" jumped behind HFE for the second time in sponsoring and presenting the cypher and music video. And with over 20 thousand views in a week, it was a mastermind collaboration on both parts.

With a few returning familiar faces, and a few new ones, we reached out to HFE to ask about the missing talent, new and old faces and upcoming releases for 2018. A representive of the Enterprise responded with a simple and to the point response;

          "First off..., we thank you guys for your constant interest and support in what we do. Believe it or not, it's more than we get from our own circles.  You know music is a job, some people just can't get with the program and lose employment. Others choose to seek employment else where. We wish them all the best but they are neither here nor there when discussing our progression or plans for the future. We will continue to grind and push. Release wise, we are going to do what we always do and drop hot material. A few artists have projects lined up for the year, while a few have linked with us to release what we believe to be powerful singles. As always we are in talks with a few artists to help give them that needed push independently.  Just know we haven't asked "who working like us" for nothing. And we can always show em better than we can tell them. Just stay tuned in."

And for those who doubt it, just hit play on this new music video and get a taste of real in-house independence. From music to moves, everything these guys do, together or individually, is motivational footwork if nothing else.

You can keep up with everything this unit does past, present and future @

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