The guy suing Damon Dash for defamation believes he is owed $7 million for his allegedly defamatory comments and he arrived at that number, in part, based on the amount of Dash’s social media followers.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, director Josh Webber claims he can accurately calculate his actual damages suffered because of Dash’s alleged actions.

He claims he lost a $6 million investment on another project “which specifically references the actions of Dash as the reason the contract was terminated.”

Webber also claims to have lost another gig which would have paid $275,000.

As for the remaining money, Webber says that Dash has 535,000 Instagram followers and 30,000 Youtube subscribers. Webber believes Dash should be hit with additional damages of $565,000 — $1 for each follower.

Webber is asking for a total of $6.84 million for himself and another $565,000 for his company, Muddy Water Pictures.

Earlier this year, director Josh Webber and Muddy Water Pictures, represented by powerhouse attorney Christopher Brown, sued Damon Dash accusing him of publicly claiming he was a part of “Dear Frank,” despite the fact that he had already been dropped from the film.

Dash and Webber had been working on the project since 2016 and Dash was set to direct with Claudia Jordan starring. However, things quickly turned south and Webber accused Dash of being high on set and had to be dropped. They claim to have dropped Dash from the project in 2018 and finished it without him.

The director claimed Dash was sending out promo material for a film called “The List” (which was the original title) to BET and made it appear he was still working on it.

Last month, a New York federal judge has ordered a temporary injunction against Damon Dash.

The lawsuit remains ongoing.


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