D.N.A. & Mr. All The Way Shows Real Hip Hop Is In Their Blood With The Release of The "Superman Meets Thanos" Mixtape

Lyrical content and creative entertainment would be how I would sum up D.N.A. & Mr. All The Way's new project "Superman Meets Thanos."   The aggressive hunger to be respected for a vocal gift is fully present and needs its credit due. Bar for bar these artists the real deal. And it is clearly evident in this short Superhero meets Supervillain Ep.

In just 4 songs, D.N.A. and Mr. All The Way show they are everything hip hop today is missing and needs. The ability to properly compose songs, as well as feed the listeners a healthy dose of substance is something these lyrical giants have mastered. And in all honesty, this is the first project of theirs to cross my desk, but it won't be the last I search for.  I was completely blown away. The last I heard a duo that had my head rocking that hard, was MOP's "Ante Up."  And they packaged that type of energy into a project. It is currently available across the internet, but Datpiff has given a gift to the underground following and those to come, by uploading "Superman Meets Thanos" to their Youtube account and the entire Ep is available for free streaming. So theres no reason you can't Check It Out Today!!

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