Crown Republik Ent Presents: King Que “A Gangsta And A Gentlemen”

Q: Let’s start this interview like this because some of our readers might not know, who is King Que?

A: King Que is the streets ...King Que is the truth ... King Que is a father and a son, but most of all, King Que is a grown man with grown responsibilities.

Q: OK! So where is King Que from?

A: I’m from Gardena, California.

Q: Would you say that you music is heavily influenced by your California up bringing?? And if so, how so?

A: It is definitely influenced by growing up in California. My story ain’t to much different from any other artist from L.A. county, but I definitely have my own lane.

Q: Let’s talk about that lane? In the art of hip hop, what genre of hip hop do you consider your music?

A: Let just call it “Street Hop”. I talk what the streets want to here and I got bars.

Q: Street Hop!! I can dig that. So let’s talk about your new mixtape, have you come up with a title and if so what’s the meaning behind the title?

A: The Mixtape... Yes sir, the title is “Aaahhhh (A Gangsta & A Gentlemen) “ and it’s just me showing off that I’m enjoying life when some can’t even enjoy their day.

Q: How many tracks on the mixtape and what’s your favorite track on the mixtape?

A: 7 bangers on the mixtape and I personally like “Paper Show” best. I mean they’re all bangers but that’s my favorite.

Q: Tell me about Hand It Ova Entertaiment? And how does that correlate with Crown Republik Entertainment?

A: Hand It Ova Entertaiment is a company me and two of my close friends started to alleviate the problems of bookings and other business ventures. With Crown Republik it’s a family of motivation and talent that does not stop when opportunities come knocking.

Q: Couple more questions before we let you get back to getting ready for the release of your mixtape. Who inspired King Que?? And you may not have an iPod any more but let’s say you do, what’s on your playlist?

A: I’m inspired by artist like Ice Cube, Jay Z, Jadakiss, Dogg Pound, and Snoop Dogg. Oh my playlist? would prolly be filled with UGK, some Drake, Lil Wayne, E-40(any album), Busta Rhymes and maybe some old school New Edition. Yeah fasho New Edition.

Q: We’ll finish with this, but let first say thank you for coming to interview with us tonight, what can we expect from King Que and Hand It Ova Ent in 2018 and beyond?

A: Videos, performances and a whole lotta good music. Debut album coming in a few months. I’m pretty much gonna give the streets what they expect from me. And Thank You for having me.

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