A True Emcee, A Pressure, Is Bringing Just That With His New Project "Half Time"

If pressure busts pipes, then Paterson, New Jersey should prepare themselves. Because up and coming indie hip hop artist "A Pressure" is driving some real friction into today's Hip Hop game with the release of his new project "Half Time." But this isn't a show to relax to. As he is definitely applying pressure with his music.

A Pressure already has a "known" status though out his community for being on his hustle. Flashy jewelry, a great sense in fashion and always driving something new and clean they know this home grown Jersey devil is all about his business. But what they are learning quickly and undeniably, is that the is about his business in the booth as well.

Lyrically, A Pressure's presence is powerful. He spits rugged. And he spits raw. Holding nothing back as delivers his testimony of life through his own eyes. And the outcome is very relatable music for anyone holding it down on their own, and trying to make nothing out of something. For the have nots,....his music is motivational.

And for Hip Hop...A Pressure is a breath of fresh air. His animated energy immediately catches the listener. His vocals are strong and they make you listen. From the first line it is clear you are listening to someone who takes his craft serious. Once caught in the sound...the lyrics will have you addicted. The 10 song project is like musical dope. Bar for bar A Pressure's adrenaline pumped lines are on key. Deep metaphors, slick word play and real life lessons all tie in to make A Pressures music something needed and something you will seek out.

"Half Time" is now available on all major streaming and distribution platforms. Tune in to A Pressure's upcoming music, tour dates, merchandise and more are available on his personal website Check It Out Today!!

Check Out the "Half Time" Project

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