2 Chainz has reached a deal to bring an end to the $10 million lawsuit accusing him of using a 90s dance song sample without permission.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, 2 Chainz, TeeFLii and DJ Mustard hashed out a settlement with the three songwriters, Allen Georgia, Sten Stonebridge, and Frederick McFarlane, who filed suit back in April.

The songwriters informed the court that they have "reached a settlement in principle and respectfully request that this Court administratively dismiss the action with leave to reopen the case in thirty (30) days from today’s date, if the parties have not submitted their final stipulation of dismissal by such time."

The lawsuit explained they own the rights to the song "Back it Up," which was performed by Robin S. (of "Show Me Love" fame) back in 1993. The song was successful at the time and they believed 2 Chainz and the other defendant definitely had access to the track.

The writers claimed that TeeFLii's song with 2 Chainz, "24 Hours" is an "obvious, knowing, willful infringement" of "Back It Up." The songwriters alleged that the defendants "either copied, or reproduced, the dominant theme from 'Back It Up,' and co-opted it as the main theme for '24 Hours,' with minor modifications and a tempo change."

The three songwriters were seeking in excess of $10 million.


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