GabeLaMane Releases His New Single "F**K The Industry"

He's hungry. And GabeLaMane came to eat. Beats. Emcees. Whatever he can get on his plate. His new single "F**K The Industry," expresses just that. GLM murders the…


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Tyler Vance Drops A Hot New Single With "Hello"

Simple, deep and catchy. Hellooooo....that's Tyler Vance. Emerging hip hop artist and a very talented song writer. His new single "Hello" is quickly passing across…


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LionsDen 360 Preps To Release the Collaboration Project From Jordy Sam & Young Lew, "FULL CIRCLE"

LionsDen 360 is a power house in the indie underground circuit. Self made and self funded they continue to drop new music from hot artists. The latest concoction boiling out of their studios is the collaborated project "Full Circle". Young Lew and Jordy Sam, two solo artists, team up to create a project…


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Fabp AKA Fabpz the Freelancer Returns With Another Full Length Project "It's Your Boi Fabulous P."

                                   (CLICK Cover Art To Purchase Album)

There is no denying the work ethic of Fabp. This has to be the fourth project from this up and coming emcee we have come across this year.Hard beats and…


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RedRumRamzi Releases "Heater," The Lead Single From His Up Coming Debut Project

19 year NYC native, RedRumRamzi has just dropped his lead single."Heater"not only explains the temperature of the track, but is also the title. Featuring…


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Kingszn Drops His New Single "Mind Blown"

Up and coming emcee Kingszn just released his new single "Mind Blown" which is pleasing to the ears for eeryone from HipHop heads to The Smokers. Delivering with his…


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Spvce Records Recording Artist Radin Drops The New Single 'Don't You Forget"

Spvce Records has been dominating the underground scene all of 2018. And they continue their streak with a new release from Radin. "Don't You Forget" has a Sade type…


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Hip Hop Emcee "RawMaterial007" Delivers in Full With His New Project "Based On A True Story"


RawMaterial007 is on a mission to tell it like it is. And he did just that with his 6 track Ep "Based On A True Story."  Good hip hop music with a twist of street testimony leads us to believe the name "RawMaterial007" is more of a…


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BBM DeeKay Yae Drops His New Video "OTW"

Bank Bros mafia member Deekay Yae just drop his new video for his single 'OTW" and it's LIT. DeeKay Yae turns up from beginning to end. With a hard instrumental. some dope lyrics and NateBoi Visuals behind the camera..."OTW" is an instant classic for the streets and the underground. Check it out today!!

Keep Up With BBM DeeKay Yae…


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Flex Prince A.i. Hits The Game Untouchable With His New Video "Immunity"

With in a minute or two of being introduced to Flex prince A.i's new single/video "Immunity," we new Hip Hop was the order of the day. Hard lyrical bars, actual content and music based on life are the key ingredients to Flex Prince A.i's music. And the new single "Immunity" is his creed of heading to the top with no obstacle powerful…


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John Merc Drops His New Video "Papa Smurf (Roadrunner)"

John Merc delivers real music for the streets with his new video "Papa Smurf (Roadrunner)."  With a flow full of hood testimony and hustle, John Merc is what the game has been missing. Add top quality professional audio and a crisp cinematic visual, and this emcee is soon going to be running the road across country to pick up his checks.…


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Riley2Timez Teams Up With Supa Soda To Drop The New Single And Video "Finesse Gawd"

A hot hustlers anthem and gritty street style music video are the momentum behind Riley2Timez latest single "Finesse Gawd." Delivered with real life lyrics and the emotion hunger developes as this artist is out to get his money. he brings along Supa Soda who adds his own unique feel of flow to the beat. Check it out…


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Waveyonshore Drops The new Single "Designer on Me"


WaveyOnShore just dropped his new single and it is LIT!! "Designer on Me" features some dope production and some skilled lyrics. Always rocking designer, Wavey lets us know some of what he rocks to the tune of real spenders theme…


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The Multi-Talented "Bionic" Drops New Single "Change"

      (CLICK Cover Art Above To Stream On Spotify)

Born and raised in London, Bionic is a record producer, singer, songwriter, multi- instrumentalist. Attending choir sessions at a tender age driven by his Moms passion towards it bolstered his love for music. This coaxed him into…


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King Jul Drops New Single "Buss It" And It's Guaranteed To Get The Party Lit

                           (CLICK PHOTO TO STREAM "BUSS IT" ON SPOTIFY)

Brooklyn native, Hip Hop artist and CEO of Time Bomb Records, King Jul, has just dropped his latest single "Buss It." A crowd moving single, "Buss It" is with out a doubt going to turn the party all the way…


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Fabp AKA Fabpz the Freelancer Is Back And Still Independently Gettin' It Out The Mudd With His Latest Project "Dirty Lil' Communication"

Continuously showing the ethic of his grind, Fabp AKA Fabpz The Freelancer is something the indie scene just doesn't see any more. Just a few months after his last project dropped, Fabp returns with a while new one. Recently dropping and hitting our desk immediately after,…


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Get A Dose Of This Sermon From Pelle Price. Giving Praise And Testimony On His New Single "G Code"


God Over Dollaz

Hands down this artist is something serious. Pelle Price brings lyrical destruction and hunger through his bars. His energy makes you want to get up out of your seat like you caught the Holy Ghost. Which I guess, coming from a profanity free artist, who is…


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Spvce Records Drops New Single From FEYI Titled "F@%& With A Dime"

Spvce Records has been making some noise this year. Artist after artist has been releasing some hot material from over that way. And the latest single is no…


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GFB Fresh Drops New EP Project "Bet You Believe Now"

GFB Fresh gifts the culture with a new project full of reality, emotion and overall talent. The "Bet You Believe Now" EP has just dropped online. 8 songs filled with self revelation, motivation for better, and just down right lyrical skill fill this EP. GFB Fresh quickly sets himself apart from the…


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Up And Coming Emcee Miss Red Drops New Ep While Showing She Was Built For Independent Greatness

Hailing from the state of Maryland, hip hop recording artist Miss Red is the real deal. Lyrically she delivers. her presentation is professional. And her work ethic is something we see the greats made of. But it almost seems as though it was her destiny. her Father was an avid…


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