Super Producer Clavin Beats Teams Up With Underground Emcee Nxppz To Drop The New Single "Finesse Freestyle"

Clavin Beats has built a reputation in creating energizing music with a large variety of feel and sound. Always working with new up and coming artists has helped both parties in drawing attention to the music. And Clavin Beats has built a loyal following of true supporters hungry for fresh and original hip hop.

For the latest…


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2051 Glen Get's Lit With His New Video And Single "It's Up"

When asked where he's from..."ATL" isn't good enough. He will tell you "East Atlanta, Zone 6, 2051....The Hamp."  Because the place he calls home is what he feels he owes his character too. And when he gets fully on...he wants them on too.  To him, his home stands for Scroogle, Pain, Motivation and Potential. Beliefs 2051 Glen…


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Yung Mac Preps to Release His"From My Side To Your Side Part 3" As The Count Down Clock Ticks

Indie recording artist and 23 Ent representative, Yung Mac, has been consistent in his music releases. Always bringing new material and content has been a strong part of his marketing technique. His lyrical skill and creativeness is what keeps listeners waiting for new material. And just the other day Yung Mac announced the upcoming release of…


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From The Underground Up, Hip Hop Emcee "C.J." Is Breathing Life Back Into Hip Hop. His New Single "I BEEN" is CPR to The Game

C.J. is one of those artists who just seemed to be destined to be in the business. His father was part of the "Big Boi Fam," which held a strong position in their states independent scenes. C.J. himself, always having a natural draw to music creation and performing, began singing in his churches choir with his brothers and sisters. But his…


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Lyrical Genius "2051 Glen" Releases His New Single "Caution." Approach This Fire Carefully

Up and comer "2051 Glen" is impressive in his lyrical abilities and creative process. His music is catchy as well as articulately put together. His presence on the mic is strong and fits the rhythm of the beat. What he makes is real hip hop music. And he strengthens that perception of his art with the release of the new single "Caution." A…


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Indie Artist Von Dotta Drops His New Single "Lifestyle"

If you're living it, why not speak about it? And that's exactly how Von Dotta brings it on his new single "Lifestyle."  The GTA stlye artwork is an immediate attention grabber. Von then flows over the up tempo beat while giving us a first person walk through on his life. And it creates a great track for the listeners to ride and vibe to.…


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Chubb Raps Teams Up With Marcus Allen To Bring The Single Release Of "Close To You"

Before every rapper used auto-tune, and made RnB songs,....there was something called a "Commercial Single." This song would really showcase an artist lyrical AND creative talents. Mostly, rappers would either make party songs or street music. The commercial single would be a song directed more towards the ladies ears, but delivered smooth and…


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Up And Coming Lyricist "Waterman" Is Ready To Bring Thought And Talent Back to Hip Hop With His New Single "Lessons"

Indie Emcee "Waterman" drops his new single this week and delivers. "Lessons" hits with a hard and grimy beat layed behind crisp, well thought word play. And if nothing else is being taught, it's that Waterman and The Water Team are sliding into the scene with good music for the culture. "Lessons"  is available on all major digital distribution and…


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Spiffy Lil Kenny Releases His New Single "Loyalty"

Spiffy Lil Kenny delivers with lyrical content and a strong presence on the microphone. That alone is quickly setting him apart from others in today's rising industry. His ability to create music with hard and intellectual verses, catchy hooks and an over all vibe that can move the party , are components legends were made of. And all of those…


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John Merc Releases The New Video For His Single "3 Life"

John Merc is an up and coming indie artist that we have begun to look for. He always brings charisma and lyrical presentation. Professional sound, professional look, and always a professional attitude when he writes and recites,have quickly placed him on our "keep an eye out list."

And his latest release "3 Life" is no…


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RedRumRamzi Teams With Super Producer Deemed To Release His New Project "TRUST LOVE"

RedRumRamzi is currently one of our closest watched up and coming artists. His continued consistency of releases and the energy he brings to the music is…


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Singer Eddie Jones Delivers With A Hot New Video And Single in "Mine"

Eddie Jones just dropped his new single and shakes the game up. Blending hip hop beats with actual, non auto tuned singing, he gives us a feel of real RnB music. And his latest single "Mine" holds true to that statement. With an extremely talented vocal presence, Eddie croons about the young lady for him, currently stuck in a previous…


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Covert Entertainment & Soundworks Releases An Explosive Musical Catalog With "Suspicious Packages 2"

Dwayne "Muffla" Simon is one of the original pioneers of hip hop. As the man responsible for lacing hip hop with his special sauce by writing, producing and arranging super hits for artists such as LL Cool J, Run DMC and Ice Cube, Simon once ruled the charts as one of the original members of the L.A. Posse, a legendary…


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Fabpz The Freelancer Rocks The Stage At "The Side Walk Cafe"

Fabpz The Freelancer AKA Fabp, has been dominating his areas with digital and physical project releases the last few years.  The X-Calade Promotionz recording artist has fed the underground scene album after album. And i mean FULL albums. Not 4 and 5 song Eps, but actual content filled projects. I've even come across some with 20 songs,…


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Up And Coming Emcee Willie J Is Using His Time Here To Provide Us With Good Music As Shown On His New Ep "Before I Leave"

Willie J just released his new Ep "Before I Leave" available for free streaming on the popular Soundcloud App/Website. In just 5 songs, Willie showed his hunger,…


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HOT NEW SINGLE: Hip Hop Emcee Buice Drops A Hot New Single "Head High"

I have to just start off honestly, this guy deserves a listen. 

Hailing from North Atlanta, Buice is a 19 year old emcee. A creative word smith with a vibe all his own. His new single "Head High" has immediately set him apart from other artists I've heard recently, and quickly placed him on my personal "stay alert for new music"…


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The KonquestNow Family Goes Next Level With The New Single "Starfield" from VerseBorn featuring Dox Boogie and Wreck The Rebel

It has become a custom, to get excited when something from the KonquestNow squad crosses our desk. In a lane all their own. every artist on the label brings something different and unique. The quality is always professional and the content always requires a few replays so your brain can compute everything it was being given. Add to that the…


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Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer Drops His Latest Project "For Tha Crown" And The Message Is Clear

Fabpz the Freelancer is one of the most consistent and hardest working artists in the underground scene. In 2018 he had dropped numerous full length and professionally produced projects. And he is entering 2019 continuing with a work ethic often unheard of.

His latest project "For Tha Crown" does have a little bit of everything…


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AseCard Releases The New Music Video "On My Life"

AseCard releases the next joint off his upcoming LP 'Comfort Zone' entitled "On My Life" produced by fellow 707 producer, Road Runnah. Ase speaks from the heart on this new joint and in this video on personal issue about himself, the streets, family, marriage and more. Basing his bars on experience, Ase paints a picture self…


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Jonah Melvon Cleanses A Dirty Industry And Lets Rays Of Hope Shine Through With His New Album "RainWater Project"

San Francisco native Jonah Melvon is bringing something back to talented music we haven't had in a while. Fun. With an extensive resume, this singer, rapper, songwriter and more, written billboard charting singles, and performed along side some popular and creative singers and Hip Hop acts. While loving being so indulged in the music…


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