Jake Shaw & His YourOwnMusic Label Have Just Dropped The Second Album Titled "2020 Vision" Featuring Artists From All Over The World!

YourOwnMusic Company CEO  "Jake Shaw" has built a company that's all about helping artists reach 10's of 1,000's of listeners daily. From playlists to blogging platforms, YourOwnMusic has built a productive of both talented, hard working artists, and actual listeners. Jumping head first into 2020, YourOwnMusic has released a compilation album…


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Wreck The Rebel Drops His New Single "Friends"

We've come to expect something fresh and original when Cali Emcee "Wreck The Rebel" drops a new track. And once again, he delivered. WTR even took to the production on this one and gave us a futuristic sounding boom bap track. Complete with some dope lyrics, Wreck did his part in giving the culture some pure Hip Hop music. As always when it…


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RJ Griffith Is An Artist On The Rise And Bringing Life Back To A Dreary Game With The Release Of His "A Good Day" Ep

A few words come to mind when I hear the name of Chicago Native "RJ Griffith,"....Motivation, Positivity, Character, Faith, Pride...are ways I would describe his music and message. A man who knew his destiny is to change the world for the better even if it's one mind at a time. Always having a strong passion for music and his creative art, RJ…


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Foreign Glizzy Flex's With His New Video "Running Up A Bag"

Foreign Glizzy is quickly becoming an independent power house in the underground circuits. And his latest visual "Running Up A Bag" a milestone of just that.  As per the usual with Foreign Glizzy we get a dose of some dope lyrical reality fueled bars. A hard instrumental from  Draco & MarvinBeats. And a crisp entertaining visual…


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YourOwnMusic Drops Second Label Album "2020 Vision"

YourOwnMusic has worked their a**es off to build one hell of a reputation in the underground circuits. From song placement to website platform reviews, they have helped artists get their music in front of millions. And now they are prepping to drop their second full length album titled "2020 Vision." Scheduled for a January 10th release, the…


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Young Pok Preps To Release His New Year Album "Wats My Name"

2020 is starting to buzz in the underground with artists promoting their new year single, album and video releases. One of those artists we are especially looking forward too, is Young Pok, and his January 1st release of the project "Wats My Name?"...and we have had the pleasure of getting an exclusive, pre-release…


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Your Name Is Just As Important As Your Music! "Rap Name Generator" Can Help Your Marketing In Less Than 3 Seconds

For a hip hop artist, their name needs to be as attention grabbing and catchy as their music is.  Think of your favorite artist/producer/group and how their name grabbed you. The power and soul it held,and how it related to their music. This is all part of marketing for many. And every artist knows the grip the name holds and try to come with…


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Artist On The Rise "Prymrr" Drops Her New Single and Video "Goodbyes"

At only 14 years old, recording artist "Prymrr" has one impressive resume, and very professional performance presence. Holding starring roles in the Russian feminist protest punk rock group "Pussy Riot's" 2016 music video "Straight Outta Vagina" and Award Winning singer and songwriter "Sia's" 2017 music video "Never Give Up," was just…


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Jake Shaw, YourOwnMusic CEO Helps Artists Get Noticed!

For almost 5 years now, CEO Jake Shaw has been building his business, YourOwnMusic, into one of the most lucrative artist promotion companies in the world. With a plan and determination, Mr. Shaw slowly put together all the pieces he seen independent artists were missing. And this creation has quickly become one of the leading promotional…


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Hip Hop Artist KiNg EmEry, Is Ready To Collect What He Is Owed With The New Project "Royalty Fees"

KiNg EmErY is a rapper originally from Dallas, TX, who discovered his talent for rapping when he was in the 3rd grade. And since, has been using music as a way to express himself and deal with obstacles in his life ever. In 2018, KiNg EmErY recorded his mixtape “Critically Acclaimed” which garnered national attention. That attention kept…


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A True Emcee, A Pressure, Is Bringing Just That With His New Project "Half Time"

If pressure busts pipes, then Paterson, New Jersey should prepare themselves. Because up and coming indie hip hop artist "A Pressure" is driving some real friction into today's Hip Hop game with the release of his new project "Half Time." But this isn't a show to relax to. As he is definitely applying pressure with his music.



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Indie Artist DeeFyant Shines With Her Latest Single "Sauce It Up"

  If this is your first introduction to up and coming artist "DeeFyant," let me give you a little well deserved back story.

Born and raised in Upper Marlboro Maryland, she began singing with a group of friends at the young age of 12. Immediately feeling her place, singing went from a fun hobby to a dedicated growth as she became a…


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TG Kay Drops His Single "Slime (F.I.U)"

TG Kay stays giving good music. And that holds true with the single "Slime (F.I.U.)."  A piano ridden instrumental with a perfect blend of drill and trap sound, and TG Kay's heavy voice and melodic flow laces the top of it all with a pure HipHop essence. There's not much I can say about this one other then "PRESS PLAY NOW"...its worth every…


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TG Kay Gives Himself To The Listeners Raw And Uncut With His Video "No Filter"

In a world of "filters" our first encounter with up coming artist TG Kay's music was a moment of originality. His video "No Filter" is delivered in that exact form. TG Kay comes off the track with a heavy lyrical presence. His bars on "No Filter" aren't the typical "what everyone else is saying" we see copied in HipHop so much today. TG Kay…


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Super Producer Clavin Beats Teams Up With Underground Emcee Nxppz To Drop The New Single "Finesse Freestyle"

Clavin Beats has built a reputation in creating energizing music with a large variety of feel and sound. Always working with new up and coming artists has helped both parties in drawing attention to the music. And Clavin Beats has built a loyal following of true supporters hungry for fresh and original hip hop.

For the latest…


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2051 Glen Get's Lit With His New Video And Single "It's Up"

When asked where he's from..."ATL" isn't good enough. He will tell you "East Atlanta, Zone 6, 2051....The Hamp."  Because the place he calls home is what he feels he owes his character too. And when he gets fully on...he wants them on too.  To him, his home stands for Scroogle, Pain, Motivation and Potential. Beliefs 2051 Glen…


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Yung Mac Preps to Release His"From My Side To Your Side Part 3" As The Count Down Clock Ticks

Indie recording artist and 23 Ent representative, Yung Mac, has been consistent in his music releases. Always bringing new material and content has been a strong part of his marketing technique. His lyrical skill and creativeness is what keeps listeners waiting for new material. And just the other day Yung Mac announced the upcoming release of…


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From The Underground Up, Hip Hop Emcee "C.J." Is Breathing Life Back Into Hip Hop. His New Single "I BEEN" is CPR to The Game

C.J. is one of those artists who just seemed to be destined to be in the business. His father was part of the "Big Boi Fam," which held a strong position in their states independent scenes. C.J. himself, always having a natural draw to music creation and performing, began singing in his churches choir with his brothers and sisters. But his…


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Lyrical Genius "2051 Glen" Releases His New Single "Caution." Approach This Fire Carefully

Up and comer "2051 Glen" is impressive in his lyrical abilities and creative process. His music is catchy as well as articulately put together. His presence on the mic is strong and fits the rhythm of the beat. What he makes is real hip hop music. And he strengthens that perception of his art with the release of the new single "Caution." A…


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Indie Artist Von Dotta Drops His New Single "Lifestyle"

If you're living it, why not speak about it? And that's exactly how Von Dotta brings it on his new single "Lifestyle."  The GTA stlye artwork is an immediate attention grabber. Von then flows over the up tempo beat while giving us a first person walk through on his life. And it creates a great track for the listeners to ride and vibe to.…


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